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This page is the home page of Enryu-ji Temple and Kaxtukei blog.


Enryu-ji Temple is located in Kanakura Town, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture.

Enryu-ji is a temple of a Buddhist denomination called Jodo Shinshu sect Kosho-ha.

On this website, the buddhist monk I will transmit information such as Buddhism and Japanese culture and customs.

Japanese version website

The Japanese version of "Enryu-ji Kaxtukei blog (円龍寺 かっけいブログ) " is here.
It is written in Japanese, but articles are frequently updated.

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Worshipers hearing at the temple
Introduce a regular event of the Buddhist temple in rural areas of Japan.

2018/04/11   -Japan Blog

I introduce the buddhist event of my temple. It is an event called Haru Eitai-Kyo (春季永代経). There is also a video.

On Equinox days, there are temples and Buddhist events
Spring Equinox (Higan): What does it mean by Japan holiday in Buddhism?

2018/03/20   -Japan Blog

Higan (Spring Equinox / Autumnal Equinox ) is a national holiday in Japan.
Japanese Buddhist monk will explain about O-Higan of the customs peculiar day to Japan.

myousyouji-sakura cherry blossom
[About Nehan-sakura] Japanese cherry blossoms bloom in March.

2018/03/13   -Japan Blog

Cherry blossom tree are spring flowers representing Japan. I will introduce Nehan-sakura"Myoshoji-sakura" related to Nirvana.

sharp top gravestone
Japanese tombstone'shape. What is the difference between sharp top and flat top?

2018/03/08   -Japan Blog

There are tombstones of various designs in the Japanese cemetery. It explains why the shape of the tombstone is different.

Decorated chair for high priests.
[Monk Chair] Strange shape called Kyokuroku.

Are you interested in the red bent chair which a Japanese Buddhist monk sits down on? That chair having a strange shape is called Kyokuroku.

Even in footwear for the rain heel is wet.
Introducing Japanese monk's footwear on rainy day.

2018/01/08   -Japan Blog

I will introduce footwear on rainy days worn by Japanese Buddhis monks.
The ingenuity that the feet/toes are hard to get wet is given.

Sweet potato of 150 days after planting.
I want to harvest sweet potatoes, but in trouble because it keeps raining.

2017/10/28   -Japan Blog
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Growing days of the sweet potato are 120 days is said to be ideal.
When the harvest is slow it will be larger, but the sweetness and taste are impaired, will also be difficult to store.

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