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A spider lily blooming at the water's edge. 1
[Red spider lily meaning] The reason of hell flower's name in Japan

Another name for red spide lily which blooms in autumn of Japan is hell flower.
Why are there sinister names of hell flowers?

This page is the home page of Enryu-ji Temple and Kaxtukei blog.


Enryu-ji Temple is located in Kanakura Town, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture.

Enryu-ji is a temple of a Buddhist denomination called Jodo Shinshu sect Kosho-ha.

On this website, the buddhist monk I will transmit information such as Buddhism and Japanese culture and customs.

Japanese version website

The Japanese version of "Enryu-ji Kaxtukei blog (円龍寺 かっけいブログ) " is here.
It is written in Japanese, but articles are frequently updated.

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Blueberry coloring blue in June
How to pick sweet (not sour) and delicious blueberries

2018/07/04   -Japan Blog

Is there something blueberry sour and disappointed?
Since the ripe fruit is sweet and delicious, it will introduce the How to identify.

Sake lees of Okayama prefecture's brewery manufacturer "Sanko Masamune (三光正宗)"
How to make amazake from Sake kasu (without Koji)

2018/07/03   -Japan Blog

Amazake is a traditional Japanese drink.
There is also a way to make it from koji, but it is easy for beginners to make from sake kasu without failing.

Explain the meaning of the Japanese anthem
What does the Japanese anthem (Kimigayo) mean

2018/06/21   -Japan Blog

Kimigayo is a Japanese national anthem. Lyrics are the shortest and oldest in the world with 32 characters.
For many people it will have a sad impression because the performance time is short and the tempo is slow.

The gate of the temple closes though it is bright.
Why do temples in Kyoto close in the late afternoon time

2018/06/20   -Japan Blog

The historic building in Kyoto will be closed at 4 pm-5 pm. It closes the gate despite the bright time zone. There is a Buddhist reason for the gate to close quickly.

How to make Amazake from Koji at home

2018/05/29   -Japan Blog

I offered Amazake made from Koji at a temple event. Anyone can easily make at home if attention to the temperature control.
I will introduce how to make Amazake using Koji and rice.

Worshipers hearing at the temple
Introduce a regular event of the Buddhist temple in rural areas of Japan.

2018/04/11   -Japan Blog

I introduce the buddhist event of my temple. It is an event called Haru Eitai-Kyo (春季永代経). There is also a video.

On Equinox days, there are temples and Buddhist events
Spring Equinox (Higan): What does it mean by Japan holiday in Buddhism?

2018/03/20   -Japan Blog

Higan (Spring Equinox / Autumnal Equinox ) is a national holiday in Japan.
Japanese Buddhist monk will explain about O-Higan of the customs peculiar day to Japan.

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