Best free shogi game (play against computer, no download)

Shogi (将棋) is Japan’s unique board game. Although it is historically over 1000 years ago, in the present 9 × 9 square board it was formed in the Edo period 400 years ago.

It is also expressed as Japanese chess because it resembles chess, but there are very unique rules, such as being able to use the opponent’s piece again.

It is a very popular game in Japan and there are many websites and online sites that you can play free of charge. This time I will introduce the free site of Shogi which I recommend most.

Recommended features

  • No download required
  • No interpersonal warfare (vs computer fight)
  • Abundant level setting
  • Abundant change in the moves
  • Completely free
  • Enjoy from beginner to advanced
  • Visualization of advantageous situation
  • Review of game record
  • Machine moves are fast and stress free

The name of the website is “Qinoa Syougii (きのあ将棋)“.

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The rich opponent and level setting are attractive

Opponent selection screen, Qinoa syogi

Opponent selection screen

The above image is an opponent selection screen of “Level for beginners – LOW Level” of Qinoa syogi. As of 2018, there are 8 unique computer opponents.

[Trend of strategies for each opponent]

  • あひるがあがあじごく:Use frequently minor tactics called Duck (Ahiru Senpo)
  • 揖斐 才蔵:Static Rook of classic-style,but sometimes do strange tactics
  • ナカビーⅡ世:Aim at the middle file of the board surface
  • 沙流 紀子:It can not easily fix the position of the Rook (飛車 / Hisya)
  • 宇氏 みう香:That specializes in Right Fourth File Rook
  • ロレンツィオ:That specializes in Third File Rook and Fourth File Rook
  • 郷谷さん:Authentic tactics to focus on safe games

It is my impression that each opponent has its own characteristics and it is fun. Any computer also uses a unique tactic.

Also, thinking engines are set up on each computer, which often selects different moves in the same phase. The extent to think deeply is also incorporated into the thinking engine.

  1. 入門者向け – Beginner Level
  2. 初級者向け – Low Level
  3. 中級者向け – Medium Level
  4. 上級者向け(マイナス) – High-minus Level

It is divided into the strength rank of these four categories, and the power of computer rises suddenly just by raising the rank one above.

In the personal impression, I feel that the winning percentage will be about 50% at the top rank when winning percentage is about 100% in the bottom rank. First of all, why do not you challenge from the rank for Beginner Level?

You can also set up games


Choosing an opponent “Normal Menu” is also interesting, but if you want to make a little strange shogi, you can select various opponent scenes from “せってい対局 | Exotic Menu”.

Normal map starts with normal initial placement. The theme phase (テーマ局面) begins after the opening theory. “木枯戦 – 多歩戦” is a game in a situation where it can not be a normal shogi.

The strength of the test robot has also been categorized diversely from 2 to 200, and you can gradually raise the strength of the opponent. By the way strength 10 is the same power as Low Level.

You can aiso choose the first move (black) or the second move (white) or the random, you can play many times in the one state of the game.

There is regular update and it does not get bored


practice problems

This Qinoa Syogi website has released “Preliminary Release Version of Shogi Game GUI (将棋対局GUIの先行リリース版)” which made flash to javascript on August 21, 2017.

Also, it regularly updates the design, making it easy to see the game screen, making it easy to operate.

Of course what is more, it regularly posts the shogi ploblem (詰め将棋) or proposing a start from the end game (寄せ問題) so that we do not get tired of it. Both problems will be practicing shogi progress.


The game screen of the advance release version

In addition, the function of “undo” to return only once during the game has been added.

The image above is the game screen of the advance release version. There are black and white frames at the bottom, which tells you the advantageous and disadvantageous situation.

Always it will provide a new one, making it difficult to get bored.

How to play qinoa shogi

First of all, please click the following URL and let’s go to the “Qinoa Shogi” web page.

qinoa shogi game meau click1

mean screen

A menu screen like the one above will appear. Next, click the sentences marked “2018年コンピュータ将棋選手権の特設メニュー”.

qinoa shogi release version menuWhen you click, it will go to the above webpage, so choose the strength of the computer from F rank to A rank. When you play the game for the first time, we recommend starting with E rank.

ginoa shogi play gameAfter the game you can look back at the game record using the four buttons below. If you click “re match” and “Again” you can play as many times with the same rank.

This webpage is the game of the advance release version.

Next I will introduce another game method that can be done from the first menu screen.

Please scroll down the first menu screen. Then the following screen appears.

Free Shogi Game Opponent ComputerChoose your opponent’s computer from the icon on the left. Click “play” on the right side to start the game.

kinoa shogi game screenAs for this game also you can review the game record like the release version.

During the competition, the advantage / disadvantage situation is displayed in the graph on the left side.

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Finally. Computer Shogi can be played for free and easy

Qinoa Shogi does not need to download the application, you can play alone anytime. Besides, you can play for free and choose a computer with rich personality.

People who are starting to remember the rules can also play with a weak setting and check the game record.

Since it is a site that users can use without user registration, I want you to try!

If you are not satisfied with Qinoa Shogi please try playing on this website.

shogi flash game screen

shogi flash

At first you can play from the strength of Level 3. The computer will become stronger each time you win.

Since how to move pieces is written at the bottom, it is recommended for beginners.

I think that the strength of level 9 of “shogi flash” is equivalent to “Low Level” of “qinoa shogi”.

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