[Monk Chair] Strange shape called Kyokuroku.

Hello. Please call me Kay. I am a Japanese monk.

When a Buddhist monk chants sutra in the halls such as undertakers, there is that a Buddhist monk sits on a chair of the strange form of the red color (it may be black) such as the lower photograph.

A chair in which a Japanese monk sits

This strange chair, only a monk sits, and many people do not know the name. Many Japanese people have never sat down or know their name.

I will introduce this chair this time.

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The name of the chair is Kyokuroku (曲録). What is its meaning.

The name of the chair is Kyokuroku (曲録).

Strictly speaking, “彔” and “椂” are official kanji notation not “録”.

But in reality, Kanji notation called 曲録”Kyokuroku” is penetrating.

Explanation of Kyokuroku by dictionary. Japanese and English translation.




English translation by Kay.

Words related to Buddhism. 

The chair which a priest uses indoors.

The backrest part is rounded, and the four legs are made into X type.

Paint with the whole with vermilion or black lacquer and give the decoration of metal fittings.

The dictionary is not 曲録 is introduced in 曲彔 and 曲椂.

The reason why 彔 and 椂 are right.

In Japan, it is often written in Kanji of 録”roku”, but this is incorrect.

録 has the meaning of “write, copy and save it”.

On the other hand with 彔 and 椂 “carves wood and cuts down a tree” that is the meaning.

With Kyokuroku, the word the Kyokuroku-Boku (曲彔木)is considered to be an origin, and it is said that I express a chair of the form that I sharpen a tree and bent the place of the back to.

When is this chair “Kyokuroku” used?

Kyokuroku is used in conjunction with long legs sutra table.

This chair is used in conjunction with long legs sutra-reading desk like an upper photograph.

Also floor is also used on the carpet, concrete, hardwood.

So it is hard to use on tatami like a temple.

I do not use this chair in the main hall of a Buddhist temple where a Tatami is spread in my temple.

It is used in conjunction with a tall sutra-reading desk in the building where the carpet is spread.

Kyokuroku is thought to be a chair sitting high priests, but it is prepared with a simple design to the priest who is attached.

Decorated chair for high priests.

Decorated chair for high priests

Simple design chair.

Simple design chair

Good point of Kyokuroku. Reason for using.

The chair which was leaned against the wall.

The good point of this chair is that you can fold.

Storing is easy for that I can fold it. In addition, the carrying around becomes easy, too.

Like an upper photograph, I can lean a chair against the wall.

And it is a reason why a Buddhist monk uses this chair for, but probably thinks that this is because it is seen magnificently gorgeous.

The Buddhist monk may use the pipe chair in the same way as a large attendance, too. However, I think that the chair is using it to accentuate a monk who is progressing Buddhist events.

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Finally. Sitting comfort of this chair.

In Japan, you can not imagine a chair called A because only a monk sits there, it’s pretty terrible as a chair.

Sitting comfort is the lowest.

Various designs chairs”Kyokuroku” are sold, and expensive chair sometimes has a footrest.

However, if you put your feet on the footrest base, your knees will bend to 70 or 80 degrees, so you will have to maintain your forward tilting posture naturally.

Also, the backrest part is greatly bent in the backward direction and it is difficult to lean back. The backrest part looks like a decoration, it does not function.

In addition, you cannot rest your elbows because the position of armrest is high for some reason, it is also hard to ring the large bell in the right hand.

It is a chair that has no utility or comfort at all.

By the way, I think that the reason why 曲彔 and 曲椂 of the official Kanji notation of 曲録”kyokuroku” were not used for is because “彔” and “椂” were the letters which are not almost used in Japan.

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