[About Nehan-sakura] Japanese cherry blossoms bloom in March.

Hello. Please call me kay.

The picture below is the cherry blossoms in my garden. The name is Myoshoji-sakura”明正寺桜”, also popular name called Nehan-sakura”涅槃桜”.

It is a cherry tree that will be in full bloom in mid March.

[Myousyouji-sakura]popular name Nehan-sakura

[Myousyouji-sakura]popular name Nehan-sakura.March 10

There are over 200 kinds of cherry blossoms in Japan.

In Japan, the cherry blossoms bloom is the image at the end of March and the beginning of April, but there are also types of cherry blossoms that bloom even in winter.

This time I will introduce Japanese cherry blossom tree called Nehan-sakura.

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When do cherry blossoms of Nehan-sakura bloom in japan?

There are over 200 kinds of cherry blossoms in Japan.

There are Yoshino cherry tree in famous cherry tree in Japan, but other cherry blossoms are not inferior.

Myoshoji-sakura cherry tree blooms on Nirvana Day one month late.

Myoshoji-sakura have a nickname called Nehan-sakura.

This is because the cherry blossoms bloom and peaks are around mid March.

Nirvana is the death of Buddha who is the founder of Buddhism.

The date of its death is set as the February 15th lunar calendar in Japan.

Since the solar calendar March 15 will be around February 15 days of the lunar calendar, this cherry tree that bloom at this time we were named Nehan-sakura.

Nehan-sakura cherry bud pink

Nehan-sakura cherry bud pink


  • It blooms from around 7th March. It peaks around 15th.
  • Flowers develop before the leaves.
  • The flowers are white, but slightly pink mixed.
  • Pink color stands out at the stage before flowering.
  • The flowers are slightly smaller than that of the Yoshino cherry tree.
  • Strong scent. My impression.

This cherry tree is still cold and begins to bloom early in March.  It is a time when the average temperature is about 10 degrees.

There is a characteristic that the temperature of breaking dormancy for the flower to bloom is low.

Therefore, it surely begins to bloom in early March when the temperature begins to rise.

The flowers might feel like not suitable for viewing from white small, but it is a strong scent with a very unique fragrance.

Nehan-sakura cherry blossom

Nehan-sakura cherry blossom

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Finally. What I wanted to tell.

Myoshoji-sakura”Nehan-sakura” is a varieties discovered by the Myoshoji Temple Buddhist monk in Ehime prefectukre Shikoku.

Cherry blossom forecast will be in the news in Japan.

But that cherry tree is only one Yoshino cherry tree.

However, there are cherry blossoms with various characteristics in various parts of Japan.

Mosyoji-sakura is Blooming on Nirvana Day”Nehan” one month late.

Therefore, in Zentsuji in Shikoku Kagawa, we celebrated the birth of Kukai 1200 years and planted this cherry tree in a temple.

The Japanese look forward to seeing the cherry blossoms.

Not only does it feel the arrival of spring but also because it makes us feel like the seasons change from the appearance of blooming and scattering.

If you come to see Japanese cherry blossoms from a foreign country, I hope you enjoy the cherry blossoms of each land regardless of Yoshino cherry tree.

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