I want to harvest sweet potatoes, but in trouble because it keeps raining.

Hello. Please call me kay.

I enjoy making the vegetables in my spare time.

There are many farmers around me, and there are many people who are making vegetables better than me.

And occasionally there are occasions when you share your vegetables made in the field.

I am trying to cultivate particularly delicious and unusual things among the vegetables I got from people.

This year I tried growing a sweet potato of very sweet variety called Annoimo (安納芋) which has a sugar content of 40 degrees or more when heated slowly.

This year’s sweet potato had better growth than I imagined. I expected that wonderful things would be harvested,but this year’s fall cannot be harvest even after forever because the rain is been.

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When to harvest the sweet potatoes.

It is desirable to harvest sweet potatoes on sunny days.

Do you know when the sweet potatoes will be delicious?

Do you think that it is time when sweet potatoes just after harvest are delicious?

No, it is not.

Generally, after harvest, aging for about one month to two months after properly preserving will increase sweetness.

Annoimo is considered weak sweet potato in cold temperature and store at room temperature slightly higher, about 10 to 20 degrees is required.

Sweet potatoes during high temperature storage are easy to spoil.

In the case of a family garden where there is no storehouse for ripening like a sweet potato farmhouse, as soon as it is stored for two weeks in moulds grows and spoil into muddy.(My experiences)

Because Annoimo is more difficult to control temperature than ordinary sweet potatoes, I wanted to harvest it when a sunny day is keeping much as possible.

After planting the sweet potato, around 120 days before and after is the harvest proper time.

Although this is a general theory, it is said that sweet potatoes are said to have been harvested usually after planting seedlings (after inserting a vine) with growing days of around 120 days.

When I was a nursery school child 20 years ago, I felt like it was said that “leaves have withered”. But in fact it seems to be too late to grow until the leaves die.

I planted it at the end of May this year.

And so now it is mid-October, about 5 months near (about 140 days) has been growing.

Annoimo (sweet potato) five months after planting.

A state after 5 months after planting. Leaves and vines are handsome-foliage.

For me, this year’s sweet potato is well grew. Every year the leaves and the vines are eaten by insects or they are buried in weeds.

But because the leaves are lush green, it does not still say it is not necessary to harvest.

Although the underground potato will surely grow bigger and bigger, the fruit is bloated and cracked, the sweetness is lost, and the texture becomes bad. It will be difficult to store.

Rejoice in it to harvest a large sweet potato is only a small child. Too big is not good enough.

Although rain continues, I harvested only one as a trial.

After the sweet potato harvest, and a few weeks stores for the ripening will be ideal. Because it increases sweetness and it can be eaten more delicious.

But it is not easy for an amateur to store sweet potato without spoiling it.

The following three points are examples as a method to prevent corruption.

  1. To protect the growing number of days(around 120 days). In order to harvest in a smallish appropriate size that is not too bloated.
  2. Harvest when the rain is not falling and the potato contains no excess water.
  3. Make sure that a large amount of mud is not attached to sweet potatoes.

Because the growing days are past, I’d like to raise digging early, but you cannot harvest because it continues to rain more than 10 days this fall on October stagnant autumn rain front.

It is not in such a state that can be very harvest.

But I tried harvesting only one stock to wait and see it. But I tried harvesting only one stock to wait and see it. Because I wanted to make sure that might be rotten in the soil by rain.


This year it seems to be a good harvest in me. I was able to harvest a lot like a picture above with one stock.

As expected, it is too big. There are lots of potatoes bigger than the size of my palm.

There were few rotten potatoes, but when I looked at the cross section where the roots broke at the time of harvest, it was white and moldy so it is a little worrying if the rain continues like this.

Sweet potato is cut with an shovel at harvest.

This year the growing was good and the sweet potatoes were growing deep under the ground, and there was a thing that cut potatoes when piercing the shovel with heavy soil due to rain.

It is commonplace for mud to stick to potatoes, but this year it is like mud, so I cannot easily drop the soil of sweet potatoes.

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Finally. I tried to eat without stored.

Correctly, sweet potatoes are ripened by preserving them, but I feel that they will spoil.

In order to avoid the sweet potatoes from being rotten and becoming unable to eat, I tried to eat a little without storing everything.

I tried to eat in a candied sweet potato and a deep frying sweet potato with oil, but it was interesting I potatoes immediately after harvest.

The shape collapsed as soon as it was heated, and it turned out like mashed potato. The taste was sweet and very delicious.

Although it seems that it cannot taste the original taste unless it is stored for several weeks, it is very delicious even in a state immediately after harvesting no no.

Annoimo may be potatoes with high potential.

It is raining this autumn for a long time and it is likely that a typhoon will hit the next week. This year’s sweet potato which is not yet harvested is a pinch.

If the make again next year, I want to be able to save the harvest a little early.

→Japanese version page ” さつまいも(安納芋)の収穫をしたいが、雨が続いて困っている話。

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