Prince Shotoku showed Buddhism teaching in 10 of 17 Article Constitution.

Hello. Please call me kay.

I am a Japanese Buddhist monk.

In Japan, Prince Shotoku is respected as a Buddhist teacher of Japan.

This person not only built a Buddhist temple in various parts of Japan but also established 17 Article Constitution incorporating Buddhist ideas.

Especially Article 2, Article 5, Article 10 and Article 14 are Buddhist contents.

This time I will introduce my favorite Article 10.

Hanging scroll of Prince Shotoku

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Content of Article 10.

The 17 Article Constitution was enacted in 604.

Japanese original text. From Nihon Shoki(日本書紀).


Transcription of Chinese classics into Japanese.

  1. 10に曰く、
  2. 忿(こころのいかり)を絶ち、瞋(おもえりのいかり)を棄てて、人の違う(たがう)ことを怒らざれ。
  3. 人悉(みな)心有り。
  4. 心おのおの執れること有り。
  5. 彼是(よみ)すれば我は非(あしみ)す。
  6. 我是すれば彼は非す。
  7. 我必ず聖に非(あら)ず、彼必ず愚に非ず、共に是(こ)れ凡夫(ただひと)ならくのみ。
  8. 是(よ)く非(あ)しき理、誰か能く定むべけん。
  9. 相共に賢く愚かなること、鐶(みみかね)の端無きが如し。
  10. 是をもって、彼人瞋(いか)ると雖も、還りて我が失(あやま)ちを恐れよ。
  11. 我独り得たりと雖も、衆(もろもろ)に従いて同じく挙(おこな)え。

Explanation of the meaning of each sentence in English.

  1. About the contents of Article 10.
  2. I throw away the heart of my anger. 
    Also, please do not get angry about what others do. 
    Let not get angry even if other people do not move as I wish.
  3. Everyone has their own heart in each person.
  4. And each person also has certain ideas and opinions.
  5. Even if the other person says that this is the most correct, I think that I am wrong.
  6. On the other hand, even as I thought this is the most correct, other people will think that it is wrong.
  7. I am not necessarily a person who can do wisely and right things.
    Also, others are not necessarily wrong people or stupid people.
    It is an ordinary person to each other, and there is not much difference.
  8. Who can decide whether this is absolutely correct or absolutely wrong in the first place?
  9. Everyone is smart and stupid. It has the same meaning as there is no end like a ring-shaped earring.
  10. For that reason, if your opponent is intensely angry, fear that there is something wrong with myself.
  11. Even though I feel that my own idea is definitely correct, respect the opinions of many people and act.

Translated by kay

Why do I have that this sentence is a favorite?

This article 10 has written the basic teachings of Buddhism.

Especially because it is a sentence in which the idea of Jodo Shin Buddha appears.

A very important thing is mentioned in this sentence.

What you should not misunderstand is that this sentence is not saying “Confine your anger in your heart and give up”.

Since it is natural that there is an opinion of each other, trying to solve it with wrath or anger cannot be successful. If you know the reason, should be both can become more humble gently. In Article 10, it is teaching such a Buddhist idea.

What is important is not to take self-centered viewpoints. Let’s respect the opinions of other people and correct their own ideas according to the situation.

Let’s also realize that I am not such a great person.  In Jodo Shin Buddha says 凡夫(bonbu). From the Buddha’s point of view, it means that everyone is an ordinary person.

For example, Shinran is a sect founder of Jodo Shinshu was leaving the following poem at the time of the 88-year-old.

是非(ぜひ)しらず 邪正(じゃしょう)もわかぬ このみなり 

小慈小悲もなけれども 名利(みょうり)に人師(にんし)をこのむなり


I do not know what is good or bad.

I am not sure what is right or what is wrong.

I am such a person.

I have no heart to give mercy to someone.

But there is one’s eagerness for fame, I am happy to be called teacher from people.

I am ashamed of myself.

Translated by kay

Rather than think and what their thoughts are correct, it is that it is important to stare frankly myself.

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Teaching Japanese Buddhism is not a teaching to become a superman.

Looking closely at myself and respecting others.

Let’s worry about whether or not a self-centered way of thinking and selfish way of life.

Since the Constitution Article 10 is preaching such commandments,I cherish it

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