Introducing Japanese monk’s footwear on rainy day.

Hello. Please call me kay.

It is troubled for me of the monk for rainy days.

The reason is that clothes (Kimono) gets wet.

Rain is a troublesome thing, and Kimono may have unique rain stain called “Ame shimi”.

Especially the robe which treated the gold brocade by the Japanese Buddhist monk is weak against the rain.

Of course, although it is possible to reduce the damage of rain by an umbrella, it cannot be completely prevented.

What I will introduce this time is about the monk’s footwear in the rain.


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Leather soled sandals to wear on a rainy day (Setta/Zori).

Footwear of monks on a rainy day.

The photo above is the footwear that I am a Buddhist monk is wearing on the day of rain.

The name is called Setta.The leather soled sandals(Setta) is a kind of sandals.

Satta is excellent waterproof function

It comes with a transparent cover for does not hit the rain to toe.

I will compare it with ordinary footwear.

Japan monks footwear for the sunny day and for the rain day.

The left side is Setta.It is footwear that I wear on a rainy day.

The right side is a sandals(Zori).It is footwear of sunny days.It is my daily shoes.

Footwear on rainy days has a cover that covers your toes.

Because it is transparent, it does not stand out so much even compared to normal footwear.

Furthermore, there is a thickness in the heel. The heel is also becoming hard to get wet even a slight puddle of depth.

Also it is hard to be slipping on a wet road surface.

But sometimes feet become wet.

Even in footwear for the rain heel is wet.

Although the toe is not wetted by the cover, there is a possibility that the heel will get wet.

Especially if you are walking in a hurry it is easy to get wet by splashing water.

I do not want to go into a building to visit when my feet are wet,and sitting straight(Seiza) more than anything else is feeling bad.

Because the heel comes to the place of the buttocks when the sitting way of Seiza.

If you do not walk away without raising the heel as much as possible,often the heel will get wet.

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Finally.Japanese monks do not put on rain boots.

I introduced the footwear (Setta) that the Japanese Buddhist monk is wearing on a rainy day.

Japanese monks do not wear rain boots.

Instead, he wears sandals with a transparent cover on the toe’s foot called Setta.

But on heavy rainy days the heel may get wet.

So we may take change socks on heavy rain days like typhoons.

On heavy rainy days you will also prepare a replacement sock(named Tabi).

By the way, socks are Japanese style socks.Tabi is traditional sock worn by a Japanese Buddhist monk.

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